Considering starting The Cersei Lannister Diet, which is basically just red wine and your own disappointment in the human race.

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History told by Tumblr 

I needed this during AP world history thanks a lot tumblr never here when I need you the most

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Boca sos la droga de mi corazón!


Boca sos la droga de mi corazón!

2005 | 2014

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Connor Walsh in “How To Get Away With Murder” | 1.01 “Pilot”

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"Football is one of the world’s best means of communication. It is impartial, apolitical and universal. Football unites people around the world every day. Young or old, players or fans, rich or poor, the game makes everyone equal, stirs the imagination, makes people happy and makes them sad."Franz Beckenbauer

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You’re a misogynistic ass.

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